The company

BANDELIN electronic, a family-owned mid-sized company, is located in the capital of Germany – Berlin. The company has 65 years of experience in ultrasound technology. Development and manufacture of ultrasonic devices and disinfectant and cleaning agents are carried out in Berlin. A high vertical range of manufacture, modern production lines and a high-motivated staff guarantee a high quality of the products. The customers can buy everything from one-hand. Ultrasonic devices are used in nearly all branches like industry, maintenance, service, medical, pharmaceutical and dental fields as well as laboratories.

Development and manufacture of ultrasonic cleaning units began already in 1949. The product range was enlarged in the middle of the eighties caused by increased sales. Adjustable and power-constant HF-generators were launched in 1992. The first ultrasonic therapy devices were introduced at the MEDICA in Düsseldorf in 1998. The brand names SONOREX, SONOPULS and SONOMIC are equated with ultrasound from experts. The most important product groups are:
• SONOREX – Ultrasonic cleaning baths
• SONOPULS – Ultrasonic homogenisers
• SONOREX – Ultrasonic reactors
• SONOMIC – Ultrasonic cleaning bath for rinsable keyhole surgery instruments and standard instruments
• TRISON – Ultrasonic bath for robotic instruments, rinsable keyhole surgery instruments and standard instruments
• ultraPuls – Ultrasonic therapy devices
• STAMMOPUR and TICKOPUR – Disinfection and cleaning agents



BANDELIN electronic is the leader in development of new ultrasonic devices and opening up new application areas. In the past about 33 patterns / utility patents and 56 brand names were applied for. The company supports several committees in compiling of norms and guidelines.
All products are CE marked, also as medical devices according to Medical Device Directive (MDD), and classified to UMDNS™, too.

Certificate EN ISO 9001  and Certificate EN ISO 13485 


Company location in Berlin-Lichterfelde